Hi, it’s me, Laura Bentley🙋🏼‍♀️


I’m a cool (not regular) mum of 4, a wife, a friend, a business owner and a Christmas fanatic!


Like, I really love Christmas…


Like, a lot…


I believe carols are appropriate all year round, people can wear Christmas themed clothes whenever they feel like it and yes, my iPhone message tone - ALL THE TIME - is Santa’s joyous laugh. For real.


Growing up, Christmas was the time of year when everybody was happy. When everyone would put their differences aside and came together to smile, laugh and celebrate.


For me, Christmas is about creating beautiful and fun memories and traditions so that long after I’m gone, my children, and their children, and all the generations to come will still celebrate with the same or similar festive traditions that I hold so close to my heart. My hope is to leave an incredible festive heirloom that’s made up of precious memories.  

So the only rational thing for me to do is to share this love of Christmas with you.


Our products celebrate and promote togetherness. We hope these goodies will help you build excitement for you and your family in the lead up to the most joyous time of year. The games & activities are designed to be played together. Our beautifully selected scented candles will bring you back to the place when you can’t help but smile and even laugh out loud at the memories you created.


If I can help you make your Christmas a little bit more special this year, I will be forever happy.


Thank you for stopping by. 

Laura x