Plum Pudding Christmas Candle

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I think I have discovered the secret to not eating too many puddings at Christmas. Turns out you need to make it into a candle instead of a dessert. Candles are calorie-free whilst still delivering the mouth-watering smells you would expect from the boiler.

This is absolutely my traditional Christmas smell. Baked fruit, spices with a little bit of musk.

The depth of this smell tantalizes my taste buds and takes me on a magical journey to December 25.

This candle is 330g and made from Soy Wax. It has a burn time of up to 50 hours. Dimensions of jar are (with lid): 90mm x 110mm and (no lid): 90mm x 95mm. 

It will come packaged in the original box from the manufacturer to help save the planet by reducing waste